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    The Mendohz Group is organized to carry our our seminars, Our Web Designing outfit, and Our Mini Importation training outfit. Contact us now +234 803 292 9756 info@mendohz.com

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    About Urch-Mendoh Olivers

    A front-Row leadership expert, motivational speaker, keynote presenter with inspiration, hope, and humor. I BELIEVE LIFE IS A VENUE AND EVERYONE DESERVES A FRONT-ROW SEAT. THINK OF ME AS AN USHER LEADING PEOPLE TO THE FRONT-ROW. After graduating from University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria Mendoh started his very first company, DataSwift Limited, meant to develop websites for organizations and later, in 2013, another company, MindWell International, a public speaking and training company. That is where he works till date. Mendoh has served more than 200 schools and more than 50 companies in West Africa. He is currently under contract with Icon Breeders International as a keynote speaker. In addition to being a popular motivational keynote speaker, Mendoh is also the author of three motivational books including Beyond the Classroom: The strangest Secret; Courage to Teach: This is the reason we call you a teacher; and After School: the Parent of Our Era. He has other books aside motivational materials including: The Global e-Payment System, Water Can Heal, When Love Leaves Home, and others.

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    Invite Me to Motivate Your Students

    Fear! Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. —Les Brown. Everything we've ever wanted is on the other side of fear. Our students do not know they can invent something worthwhile. And their parents do not believe this too. So Let's motivate them. Mendoh has started this campaign and he begs you to join him. As a parent, support your child to join MindWell International. We are poised to born the next generation Afro-creators. These are young men and women that will give the world surprising inventions. If you are a school owner, please, help us to reach the minds of your parents. Your support is highly needed. Kindly contact Us at MindWell International. Find out at www.2mindwell.com. send us mail today -info@2mindwell.com. Or call Mr. Mendoh +234-803-292-9756 or mail him info@mendohz.com, mendohz@gmail.com


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  • The e-Payment System

    The e-Payment System

    24 PLATFORMS TO HELP YOU SELL 24 HOURS ON THE INTERNET AND RECEIVE CASH on ATMs NEAR YOUR HOUSE What is more interesting than making money with virtually anything you can do without sticking all you have to it? The internet offers such a great opportunity to you and your friends. The idea of making money online has stood as



    Check the internet and you will find out that inventions are coming everyday. There are things we wonder why Africa was not able to invent. Why are we not inventing? Is it true that we are not able to invent because that is our nature? It is not our nature, friend. We have not come to think about inventions as



    The Mendohz Group is set to power around Africa one topic that will wake Black folks up from invention slumber. Africa, we believe, is blessed with abundant human and natural resources but are are we not inventing? Is it a clear indication of born or called slavery or are we simply cursed to up this way? This topic has been



    Beyond the classroom is a classic idea by Mr. Mendoh. It has a doctrine that someone’s success lies somewhere beyond what the school cab offer. What beyond the classroom teaches the students is that the knowledge they accumulate at school is a favour if they can go mo steps to apply their own ideas into them to make them work

Where Will I be?

  • Mendoh Olivers

    5th Octeber, 2015: Ezinihitte Mbaise L.G.A. for a workshop on e-Payment. Training will focus on avoiding the traps of internet and ATM scammers.

    Mendoh Olivers
  • Mendoh Olivers

    7th October, 2015: New World Secondary School, Aba, Abia State. I will be on a motivational seminar... YOU CAN BECAUSE YOU FEEL YOU CAN. Our goal is to make more students join the quest for Black African inventions

    Mendoh Olivers